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The perfect spokesperson on behalf of all animals and pets!
                                   Megan should do a book series… a Mrs. Doolittle…
Carrie Michalka, Principal, Half Heart Entertainment


Animals show us how to connect on a deep level and so remind us to connect with ourselves. They open to us an entire universe that would be missing if they weren’t in our lives. They are therapy for our souls.

I have dogs, cats, and horses, all rescues. Each provides a unique way of communicating and relating and “loving.” For me, they each also provide life lessons, as long as we really observe closely and are aware of what they have to teach. How do I find my pets?  I don’t. They find me.





Starfire was a three year old registered Arabian with world champions on both sides of his bloodline. The little horse was so cute that I would visit him at his stall gate every day at the stable where I rode. He had the most expressive face, and a beautiful peacock usually hung out in his stall, and that made the visit even more special.

One day, his owner asked me if I wanted to ride him. The stable workers got him out and then I could see the rest of his body clearly. He was a mass of bones, he was missing large patches of hair on his hind quarters due to a mange like fungus, and his growth was stunted due to starvation. The workers quickly threw him to the ground by his ears, sat on his head while he struggled, shoved a bit in his mouth, violently tried to tie his head down to a saddle girth while he flailed and reared over backwards. I told them to just let the saddle fall off and I would take him.

I hopped on him bare back, and it was like riding a little carousel horse. We had the most fun, free ride of our lives, despite my new burden of knowledge that he was being neglected and that abuse had terrified him to the point of making him dangerous. The next day, his owner told me she had to sell this “difficult, dangerous” horse immediately, and because of his state, the only buyer coming for him was the horse trader, which meant he would be sold for dog food that week end. This was a pure bred, registered Arabian descended from world champions with one of the sweetest spirits I had ever met who had been made dangerous by humans! I took him the next day, and we have ridden off into the sunset.

I gave the little horse a new name to begin his new life: Starfire. I scrubbed him with ivory soap every day and gave him good nutrition and supplements, and within two months, he transformed into one of the most magnificent creatures I have ever seen. Even only three weeks after the beginning of his new life, his change was so dramatic that when the horse trader came to the ranch, he wanted to know who that beautiful new Arab was. He didn’t even recognize Starfire as the “throw away” horse he had almost taken to a very different fate.

Starfire is so gorgeous and grateful and full of passion and life. He trots with his head and tail in the air and whinnies hello to me each morning. He is living art. When he trots his fence line bellowing with his tail in the air and mane flying I feel he is shouting to everyone, “I am here! I am alive!”

When I look at him, there is no way I can be disconnected with the passion of life. Around him, I feel LIFE. He reminds all of us who see him to embrace all our gifts with our fullest energy and passion.


Tout Suite The Travel Kitty
at the Atlantic Ocean
Tout Suite
at the Pacific Ocean

Since I travel so much, I had been considering getting a pocket puppy as a companion. Instead, one winter night during an ice storm in North Carolina, as I visited my father at his nursing home, I saw this little feral rat thing darting in and out of the bushes grabbing potato chips the nurses were throwing to him. I scooped him up, saw he was a starving maybe seven week old feral kitten with protruding bones and a swollen belly who probably wouldn’t survive the next 24 hours.

So, instead of getting a travel puppy, I was given a Travel Kitty! We have logged over 70,000 air miles together! Not only is he my traveling companion, he is a regular guest-star on Animal Attractions TV! We also do media appearances and speaking engagements helping people learn about pet care. Tout Suite The Travel Kitty has documented his adventures and insights in a book series!

He is like a little entertainment, laughter generator. Because he was feral, he still retains a lot of wild behavior that never ceases to surprise me. He loves to eat with his paws, and then often washes them in his water bowl. He plays a mean game of fetch that would rival any Labrador, and when I throw his toy, he squeals and screeches while tearing toward it and then howls meows the entire time he is carrying his prize back for me to throw again.

He constantly teaches me to find the humor in life and always reminds me to laugh, play, and to never to be afraid to be yourself no matter how unique that may be, and then be sure to laugh again.



Mini Ha Ha is a miniature horse and is a rescue too. She lives to “baby sit” her giant ward. When I ride Starfire, all the neighbors know we are gone, because Mini screeches the entire time until we return. She is very mischievous and reminds us that big personalities can come in small packages.




As for the dogs, I love big dogs, and I wanted a German Shepherd. Instead, as I drove home one night, right in the middle of the road was a little puppy, catatonic with fear. He wouldn’t move a muscle except to scream with fear when we first picked him up. Then for 24 hours he just sat frozen. I even thought he might be deaf because he wouldn’t even respond to noises. The third day he wagged his little puppy tail, and I was his.

He is a boarder collie and has become the alpha of our pack. Two weeks after finding Guardian, another abandoned puppy showed up wandering a near by neighborhood, following gardeners, begging for food, and she was the perfect compliment to Guardian. She loved everybody and helped socialize Guardian who had been traumatized during the fear imprinting stage of his development.

They are older now, and Spirit has had a leg amputated from cancer. Despite that, she has still continued her career as an actress by working in films. I see in both of them such a love of life and a passion to just be here. And they are fantastic emotional support units when driving in LA traffic! All I have to do is put one hand on Spirit, as she sits in the passenger seat, and a smile comes to me no matter what is going on with the other drivers. Guardian is so diligent in his job of patrolling his property and watching after everyone.

My goal in life is to be half as good a person as Guardian is a dog. And that is setting the bar very high.



Animals have taught me lessons that I have not been able to find any other place. When I have had the flu and just had to lie there, it was very difficult for me emotionally, because I am a very high energy, driven, A type personality. And when the body says stop to a mind that is used to going, it can be very frustrating.

I discovered then that I could learn from observing my animals and allowing them to be my role models for certain behaviors that I had never seen as important. For example, cats love to lounge. They actively indulge themselves in lounging. What if instead of fighting the flu and worrying about when I could get up and go (which was increasing my stress level and so lowering my immune system) what if I joined my cats, Priscilla and Opal in a relaxing lounge fest. The A personality types will relate to this challenge.

I watched them roll in the sun and take in the warm garden air floating in through the window. I just imitated them, and when I allowed my self to truly imitate them, my mind felt a new peace. The dogs joined in this lesson by showing me that it is OK, no actually it is fantastic, to be just who we are, where we are at any given moment, even if it is in the bed with the flu. Guardian thought we were just having an extended pajama party. We were all together in our pack, he was lying flat on the floor, and his person was in her spot where he could watch her- like life was meant to be.

Why not be OK with it?  Or better yet, why not learn from our simpler friends and live in the moment, with gratitude all the time?  Very Zen…