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Host and contributing segment writer-producer of the PBS show “Animal Attractions TV,” 
Blake’s life bears the unmistakable stamp of a dedicated animal lover.

                                                                           -Evangaline McMullen,, the website for Dog Lovers

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On Animal Attractions TV, Megan gives pet tips,
 like how to travel with your pet.
Tout Suite, The Travel Kitty,
has flown over 70,000 miles with Megan!
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Alaskan Tundra Wolves teach Megan their
secrets to dog communication.
For Megan's Wolf press and encounter story
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Tout Suite, The Travel Kitty,
guest stars on Animal Attractions TV,
(recipient of a Genesis Awards Honorary Mention).
Press+Articles to see Tout the "Cover Cat!"


On the Red Carpet at the
22nd Genesis Awards presented by the
Humane Society of the United States

Meet Megan's Malibu Rescue Crew!
Megan doesn't just play an animal lover on TV,
She has 6 of her own, all rescues!

As emcee of Paws and Pals, Megan interviews the
NC Search and Recue Bloodhound Unit.
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Press+Articles in the News/Events section

Wayne Pacelle, the President and CEO of the
Humane Society of the United States,
At the Genesis Awards where Animal Attractions
Received an Honorable Mention

Megan emcees animal events and autographs
her poetry to raise money for animal shelters.

Megan and Tout Suite, in The Original Hollywood
Jacksonville, FL, home of Animal Attractions TV.


Megan hosts animal events and donates her
art to raise money for shelters.

In working with exotics, Megan learns that some
training techniques used for them, work on our pets too.

At home with rescues Starfire and Mini Ha Ha.

On Megan shares more detailed info like these travel tips:

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