Current Project:
Eyeborgs, a Sci-fi film.  Megan, as reporter, risks her life to save mankind from lethally armed surveillance machines.  Also starring Adrian Paul from Highlander fame, and Luke Elliott from Letters from Iwo Jima

...THE ACTRESS has acted in feature films and TV series opposite Academy Award and Golden Globe recognized stars like Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Taylor, Christina Ricci, David Carradine and Mickey Rooney.

...An animal lover and spokesperson, Megan hosts the TV series, ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS TV, recipient of an Honorary Mention at The Genesis Awards.

...IN THE NEWS / at EVENTS, Megan is a media pet expert, guest speaker, Master of Ceremonies, and interviewee at Universities, Film Festivals, in the Media, and on The Red Carpet.

...THE POEM CATCHER includes her published work and The Adventures of Tout Suite The Travel Kitty told whimsically through the eyes of her TV co-star cat.